The LaserCap

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Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Light Therapy has been approved by the US FDA for stimulating hair growth. We have designed our own laser cap that delivers this technology directly to you.

The LaserCap

The LaserCap is a portable home device that uses Low Level Laser Light treatment (LLLT) to treat female and male hair loss, thinning, shedding and receding hair lines.

It has 272 diodes of 650nm wavelength built inside a flexible dome shaped membrane that provides LLLT exposure to the entire scalp.

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How it works

Human cells contain mitochondria. These are the powerhouses of each cell and are responsible for chemical energy release, which enables growth. Laser light increases cellular respiration and induces activation of transcription factors via reactive oxygen species, thus making more energy available for growth.

When scalp cells are exposed to laser light, hair follicles are stimulated to grow faster and stronger.

Treating your hair loss and using The LaserCap is as simple as inserting it inside your favorite hat for 20 minutes twice a week. It’s the perfect solution for those who want an effective LLLT solution to their hair loss problem in the comfort of their own home. Portable, hands free, comes with a rechargeable power-pack and is as simple to use as wearing a hat.

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