Product Description

Our strongest formula available for treating female alopecia
Minoxidil 5% + Azelaic Acid 2%
See bottle for instructions

There have not been many hair loss formulations made specifically for women. In order to change this, we have formulated a stronger than normal product that is suitable for females.

It contains a higher than normal dose of Minoxidil for women (5%) because our doctors saw evidence of its effectiveness over the usual 2% strength. Minoxidil prevents further hair loss and helps to re-grow your hair. It is thought to work by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles on your scalp.

Azelaic acid is a naturally derived vitamin excipient that helps to deliver more minoxidil through the scalp and into the hair follicles where it is needed.


*This is a Prescription-only product

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Minoxidil Plus for Women (6 months) £338.99 Plus P&P

Save 25%

On all surgeries carried out before 2018*

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