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The most advanced formula for men that is hormone free
Our highest percentage of Minoxidil plus two other ingredients: Minoxidil 7% + Azelaic Acid 5% + Retinoic Acid 0.01%
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For those men who want a totally hormone-free approach to treating their hair loss, but still want something stronger than is currently available on the market, we have formulated these 3 active ingredients:

Our highest strength of Minoxidil  (7%) that prevents further hair loss and helps to re-grow your hair. It is thought to work by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles on your scalp.

We have also increased the amount of Azelaic acid (5%), which is a naturally derived vitamin excipient that works in two ways. Firstly it opens up skin pores thus allowing more medicine absorption. Secondly, it is reported to block the formation of DHT. It is like a natural version of finasteride (Propceia), and because it has no known side- effects it is an extremely useful ingredient.

Retinoic acid opens up skin pores and thus increases the absorption of other medications through the skin. It can therefore increase the amount of Minoxidil and Azelaic acid reaching the hair follicles.

*This is a Prescription-only product

Product Options

Minoxidil Extra (6 months) £349 Plus P&P

Minoxidil Extra (12 months) £549 Plus P&P

Minoxidil Extra (12 months with Op) £500 Plus P&P

Save 25%

On all surgeries carried out before 2018*

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