Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a procedure used to gather hair follicles from the back of the patient’s head using a local anesthetic.

FUT HAIR SURGERYThe surgeon uses precise techniques to remove an area of skin from the back of the head to be used in the transplantation procedure. Since these hair follicles come from the you, they should not be rejected by your body when the procedure is complete.

Dr. Ziering himself designed the microscope used to remove the follicles from the donor area. It is called the Ziering Microscope, and it is used to create groups of one to four follicles. It is important that the skilled surgeon do this aspect of the carefully to maximize the amount of follicles available for transplant. When the dissection is complete, the follicles are placed in cold medical storage until implantation.

In preparing the implantation area, the surgeon uses the eye of a sculptor to place the follicles in the natural location and at the proper angles to give the right look. The goal is to establish a natural look in the hairline and feel fuller and comfortable.

Hair follicles are classified using numbers one to four. The number one follicles are used to populate the front area of the hairline and the areas around the temples. Number two follicles are used to fill in areas behind the number one grafts, while three and four level follicles are used in the remaining areas around the scalp, back, and sides.

As the process moves along, corrective measures are taken to alter any existing hair transplants and give the whole look an overall smooth appearance.

If patients experience any discomfort during the recovery period it is routinely controlled using oral medications. The patient spends the first 10 days of recovery following a strict regimen outlined by the surgeon that helps the follicles to embed into the recipient’s area.

Once the surgeon discharges you, we expect that you will have achieved the best possible outcome, given the number of grafts the surgery yields. You can expect your new follicles to start growing around four months after surgery, and those follicles will continue to grow.

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